RC plane sound systems: The Mr RC Sound V3-B Budget version

RC plane sound systems that can fit in the smaller electric powered RC planes. Now your RC park flyer can sound real and at a very reasonable price! Safe and secure PayPal payments.

The V3-B Budget RC plane sound systems specifications:

  • For electric powered RC planes with a wingspan of 43 to 63in.(1092-1600mm)
  • 4 selectable engine sounds: Lycoming Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp, Wright Cyclone, and BMW engine sounds.
  • Use with 2.4GHz radios ONLY. 72 MHz systems are prone to interference from the amplifier!
  • 2in(31mm) round speaker, ( Max-2 SPL) mounted in a custom case.
  • Can use an additional Max-2 SPL speaker or can be configured as a "Mini" system, with two 1.22" diameter speakers.
  •  Amplifier with volume control.
  • Velcro strips for unit mounting.
  • Cloth cover for sound "cheater hole"
  •  Full installation instructions.
  • Fully assembled and tested. (Just solder in your favorite motor connector 'Y' harness)
  • Uses the existing flight battery (Max 3S) with little effect on flight time.
  • Please note that auxiliary sounds (Machine guns, "Clear Prop" etc.,) are not available with the V3 systems.

Ordering information

  • The RC plane sound systems are hand made by Mr RC Sound Systems, in the USA by the inventor Andrew Lawrence.
  • RC Airplanes Simplified is a reseller of these RC sound systems and any questions regarding the units or for shipping details Contact us
  • If you order through this site, you will receive an e-mail order receipt from PayPal.
  • Shipping is by the USPS and is a flat rate of $13.00USD. This rate applies to the USA, but can also be applied to international shipping. In that case delivery can take 2-3 weeks and there is no possibility of tracking. .
  • The Mr RC Sound modules are recommended to be used with 2.4GHz radios only!
  • Please note that you DO NOT need a PayPal account. You can pay for your RC plane sound systems with your credit card via PayPal. Just click the "Add to Cart" button.
  • The details below are taken directly from MRRCSound site-

Shipping inside the US will be done by USPS flat rate box shipping. Cost is a flat $13, which is the actual cost of shipping and materials in most cases. No padding the price on shipping for these RC plane sound systems.
For international orders, I can ship to most any country for the $13 included on the purchase price. Shipping will be done vie US Postal Service First Class Mail. There is no tracking with this service, and shipping times vary, and may be up to 2 weeks, but it is cheap. If you require faster shipping, please contact me and we can arrange it for the actual shipping cost.

Shipping will be done twice a week, this allows me time to pack them up and get them to to the postal service. Remember these are all done by hand, by me. Shipping days will be Fridays, and Tuesdays, and may be subject to change.
MrRCSound is not responsible for long shipping times due to either US customs or other countries customs holding the shipment. This rarely happens, but if it does it can significantly delay international orders. MrRCsound is not responsible for lost packages/orders, or packages/orders that may have been delivered to the incorrect location. Once a package/order has shipped, it is the responsibility of the US Postal Service, International Postal Service or other courier to properly ship and deliver the package /order. Lost or incorrectly delivered packages should be followed up with the proper courier. MrRCSsound will make every effort to try and help locate a missing package/order with the courier, but in the end it is the courier's responsibility, and do not qualify refunds or replacements directly from MrRCSound, or any Reseller/Affiliate .

Please note that this unit is now obsolete and unavailable!

Click here for full information on the new  V4.1 unit!