The RC Park Flyer Sensation: The E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi BNF

The RC Park Flyer Sensation: The E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi BNF

E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi BNF

The Hyper Taxi is a totally unique RC airplane, that is capable of vertical take off (VTO) and landing plus a wide variety of 3D aerobatics.

It is a difficult model to describe but here goes! It is a delta wing, with large vertical fins, above and below the wing. There is no fuselage.

The control system consists of elevons and rudders-in all, 4-surfaces, that can operate individually or together, depending on the commands given.

Power is via a "Prop in the Slot" with the checkerboard ring around it. It is kind of like an arrow head, with an outrunner brushless motor attached.

Stability is provided by the E-Flite AS3X System. This system was initially developed for the Blade series of fly-bar less helicopters and is now applied to RC aircraft. It uses a gyro system for stabilization, but can be instantly overridden by RC transmitter commands, to achieve extreme RC aerobatics.   

This is definitely not a beginner RC plane, it will take some skilled thumbs to fly this RC park flyer!

The AS3X system does allow this RC park flyer to fly outdoors as well as being suited to indoor RC flying. Winds up to 8 MPH are said to be OK for this 3D aerobat, in fact the system gives the impression of flying a much larger airplane.

The E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi flying

This photo shows the control surfaces of the Hyper Taxi. In this view, the RC park flyer is flying slightly nose-up. The elevator and aileron surfaces,(They can be named elevons) are the 2 horizontal ones and the twin rudder surfaces are vertical. 

Conventional control will actuate these surfaces normally, with the left stick controlling rudder and the right controlling elevator. (Mode 2) Note that both horizontal surfaces will operate together. like a conventional elevator.

When aileron control is actuated however, the elevator surfaces will now act like ailerons and move in opposite directions and as well, the rudder surfaces will operate in opposite directions, in effect giving us 4 ailerons!

In the photo, the park flyer, has either just finished. or is about to start a left roll. Note that the AS3X system takes care of all the mixing and programming for you! You do not need to add any programming on your RC transmitter.

Kit Contents of this RC Park flyer

  • Completely finished airframe, ready to fly, with all foam construction and carbon fiber re-enforcement.
  • High-output 180 BL, 2500 Kv outrunner brushless motor.
  •  180 mAh 2S Lipo battery.
  • Balance DC charger.

Extra Components Required:

  • 4-channel minimum, JR or Spektrum, DSM2 or DSMX RC transmitter, with dual rates and exponential

Flying Impressions:

This is a park flyer, that is capable of all the 3D aerobatics and some more! Throw in the capability of VTO (Vertical Take Off) and landing and you can see that this is a really highly maneuverable machine. Not a beginner RC plane for sure!


  • Highly maneuverable, but also easy to fly, due to the AS3X System
  • Vertical take off and landing.
  •  Unique appearance.


  • Orientation will be a challenge- do NOT take your eyes off it or you may not know if it is upright or inverted!
  • High price?

Unfortunately this model is no longer available.