RC Micro: The E-Flite UMX Sbach 342 BNF

A super aerobatic RC Micro scale RC plane: The UMX Sbach can be flown in your own backyard!

RC Micro

This RC micro aerobat is a scale RC plane, modeled after the 2-seat Sbach 342, from Germany.
Designed by aerobatic champion Mike McConville, this micro RC plane has a wingspan of 17" and a total weight of 1.95oz.

It can be flown in your own backyard or indoor RC flying is a possibility, as long as a large area is available. Of the usual all injection molded foam construction, the UMX Sbach is fast and highly maneuverable.

The striking red, black and white color scheme makes it highly visible and the underside scheme is different enough, so you should be able to know which side is the top!

RC Micro Sbach

I would not recommend the Sbach as a beginner RC plane, but if you have a few simpler models to your credit, then this micro RC airplane can be a TON of fun!

This photo shows the removable hatch, that gives access to the lipo battery and the motor,
The battery is a 2S 7.4V 180 mAh lithium polymer type.

The hatch is conveniently held in place with magnets, so no screws to loose in the tall grass!

RC Micro Sbach 342

Power is a 180 BL outrunner brushless motor of 2300 Kv rating.

The scale spinner sets of the nose of this electric model airplane a treat!

The RC Micro

The Sbach comes with 2 different styles of side force generators. the only difference appears to be a slight difference in area.

E-Flite recommends to fly the model without the SFGs first and trim it out. Then try the smaller set first. These are supposed to give "enhanced rudder authority".

Then try the second set, which should give "extreme rudder authority"

When satisfied which set gives the performance you prefer, a dab of foam safe CA will fix them in position.

RC Micro flying knife edge

This photo shows the Sbach on a low level knife-edge pass. The larger area SFGs are fitted and it looks like a lot of RC fun!

Items Required to Complete this RC micro

As this is a BNF model, then a DSM2 compatible, 2.4Ghz RC transmitter will be required. A transmitter with dual rates and exponential capability is recommended but just 4 channels are needed to control the Sbach.

If you are considering doing some indoor RC flying, in a school gym or similar large area, then you could consider buying an AC to 12V power supply.


  • Great RC aerobatic performance.
  • All the scale RC plane details and great looks.
  • Completely finished and ready to fly.
  • Can be flown in your own backyard.


  • Some flyers complained about low strength and was easily damaged, but I believe they were not experienced flyers.
  • The Sbach is definitely not a beginner RC plane but if you have a few aileron planes under you belt, then you should really enjoy the UMX Sbach!

The video shows just the style of extreme Rc aerobatics that the E-Flite RC micro Sbach is capable of!


The receiver, installed is a Spektrum AR6400NBL DSM2 receiver/ESC unit and four AS2000L long-throw servos.

A final feature to remember, is the steerable tail wheel, that makes ground handling a pleasure.

Please note that that this model is now discontinued!

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