My Local RC Hobby Shop. A&J Hobbies Ltd.


AJ Hobbies Toronto

This RC hobby shop, was located a short drive from my home, was my first choice hobby shop for many years.

This store is run by two, very knowledgeable modelers, Arden Zhang and Jack Humpheys. They both are almost always at the store and are available to answer your questions on all aspects of the RC hobby.

Jack is a past Canadian champion in RC aerobatics and is at present the FAI  Committee Chairman for the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada.

Arden was twice World Champion in control line aerobatics and has since become the local expert in RC helicopters.

The store is conveniently located close to Highways 400 and 7. Please click here to visit their website for further information and a detailed map of the location.

Services Offered.

Arden offers to help you set-up your helicopter and will teach you to fly it. If you have been considering a heli and live in the Toronto area, then this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

A&J also offers a custom painting service. I have seen some of the car bodies and helicopter fuselages-they are superb!

Jack H. is more into conventional fixed wing airplanes and you will often find him building his latest project, in the rear of the store. Invariably the airplane will be a scale project of an unusual nature!

Stock Offered.

A visit to the A&J site will give you a good idea of the huge stock that is available, in many areas of the hobby. I am particularly interested in some of the European kits and accessories that are offered-this is something unique to A&J. I can tell you from personal experience, that if the item you are seeking is not in stock, then it can be ordered and usually arrives within the week.

Mail Order.

If a personal visit is not possible, then items can be ordered and mailed to you. Orders can be E-mailed, Faxed or phoned in. Just visit the website for all the information-click here.

To sum-up, A&J is a great RC hobby shop that is well worth your time and money. Arden and Jack have a vast experience to help you and a large stock of items to offer. You will not be disappointed!