The  RC Electric Glider

The Radian, shown here is available as a completely ready-to- fly RC electric glider, from Parkzone. There is NO assembly work to be done. Just charge the batteries ( For the RTF version) and fly!

The servos are installed and this electric glider comes in 2 versions as well as a "Pro" model. The RTF version of the standard airplane is absolutely complete and just needs a 3-4 channel DSMX transmitter.

The PNP version requires a receiver, transmitter, battery and charger.

The "Pro" model features flaps and ailerons and is available as BNF version ( Requires a 5-channel DSMX transmitter) or a PNP style ( Requires a 5 channel transmitter, receiver, battery and charger)

Although a powerful 480 brushless motor enables initial launch, the propeller soon folds back, on motor stop command, to reduce drag, freeing the plane to utilize thermals of air to remain aloft, instead of batteries. That means flight times for this quiet and eco-friendly alternative are much longer than they are with traditional electric aircraft, making a relaxing day in the great outdoors even better!

Like all of ParkZone’s innovative and high-quality aircraft, the Radian looks great right out of the box and provides pilots with the control and reliability they seek in a park flyer. The plane’s large 2-meter wingspan and elliptical dihedral design improve flight performance and visibility from the ground, while plug-in wings provide for easy transportation and storage.

Not only does this electric glider's lightweight Z-Foam™ construction offer the perfect balance of weight and durability, it also makes repairs simple and quick. Since everything needed to get the Radian airborne is included inside, you are only minutes away from the ultimate soaring adventure!

Construction Details of the Radian RC Electric Glider

The  photo at left shows the nose with the prop folded. The right picture shows when the motor has stopped and the prop has automatically folded flat against the fuselage. This reduces drag and also keeps the prop out of harms way during landing!

The left photo shows the battery compartment, with the canopy cover removed. This is retained by  a magnet so no screws to loose in the long grass!

On the right is the cooling cover-keep this open and clean as a fair amount of heat has to escape to keep things cool.

Here we take a peek into the equipment  bay. This is typical for an RC electric glider, with the 2 servos( rudder and elevator) and the receiver.

Please note that that this model is now discontinued!