The RC aircraft sound effects system: Mr RC Sound 'Budget B' unit

Please note that this system is now obsolete and no longer available.

Click here for information on the brand new Aspire unit

This RC aircraft sound effects unit is the Mr. RC Sound 'Budget B' system. Full specs and details here. Safe and secure payments through PayPal.

View of the RC airplane sound module

Please note that the difference between the "Budget A" and "Budget B" units are the engine sound packages.

The 'Budget B' Unit Specifications:

  • For electric powered RC planes with a wingspan of 43 to 63in.(1092-1600mm)
  • 4 selectable engine sounds: Lycoming, Pratt&Whitney Double Wasp, BMW, Wright Cyclone
  • Use with 2.4GHz radios ONLY. 72 MHz systems are prone to interference from the amplifier!
  • 2in(50,8mm) round speaker, mounted in a custom case.
  • Amplifier with volume control.
  • Velcro strips for unit mounting.
  • Cloth cover for sound "cheater hole"
  • Fully assembled and tested.

Please note that this system is now obsolete and no longer available.

A Customer's comment on the RC aircraft sound effect system:

Marko: "The remaiden of my FMS Corsair - now equipped with your sound system. On the ground I noticed a little lack of bass-frequency, but once in the air it was - WOW! Very low flown high speed-passes are amazing and giving full throttle after a long steeply dive is turning heads ;-) I love it and can't wait for tomorrow to fly that thing again!"

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