The Parkzone J3 Cub. BL. RTF Electric.

Here are full details on the Parkzone J3 Cub. A scale RC model of a Piper cub. Like all Parkzone RC airplanes it comes completely ready to fly.

The Parkzone J3 Cub

There must be more models of the J3 Cub than any other airplane. They come in all sizes, from quarter scale RC to micro models that you can fly indoors or in your own backyard!

This version is medium sized at 37 1/4"wingspan and a weight of 15oz. I hesitate to recommend this example of  electric park flyers as a first model, but it is very easy to fly. If you have an experienced flyer to help, then I think you would be fine to make this your first attempt.

If you are on your own then take a look this page Hobbyzone Super Cub, for details of the Hobby Zone Super Cub. This model may be a little easier for a complete novice.

The feature that I like about this Piper Cub is that it comes complete and ready to fly, right out of the box, with a 3-channel RC transmitter. When you realize that the price is LESS THAN $160.00 then you may understand why I find this a real bargain.

Even the batteries are included for the RC transmitter, so it would be possible, after you receive your Parkzone J3 Cub, to charge the batteries from the cigarette lighter socket in your car, drive to the park and assemble the model when you arrive and then fly! Even a screwdriver and rubber bands for wing attachment are included in the box.

If we take a look at the electronics, we will find a 370 outrunner brushless motor (1500kv), an E-Flite 10amp RC ESC and two 3-wire servos. Please note that all these components can be used in other airframes.  A 7.4V 800 mAh lithium polymer battery and a balancing charger are also included.

Taking a look at the RC transmitter, we see that it is a 3-channel transmitter with a single stick. This stick controls elevator (vertical movement) and rudder (horizontal movement). On the left hand side of the transmitter you will find the throttle slide control. There are trims for rudder and elevator and also a rate switch that allows high and low rates for rudder and elevator. The unit is powered by dry cells, so keep a stock of spare batteries in your field box.

The Parkzone J3 Cub Details

One of the features I am not so fond of is that the frequency of the radio system is 27 Mghz. This is a very old band and it is possible to get interference. Please make sure that there is no one else flying on your frequency before you switch on the transmitter. By far the best frequency today is the 2,4Ghz band, but as I mentioned before -notice the price of the system! Check the transmitter batteries frequently and watch for other flyers and you should be OK. At least the radio is FM, this makes things a little better.

Flying the Parkzone J3 Cub is a breeze! even though there are no ailerons the rudder and elevator can be combined to give a reasonable aerobatic performance. Loops and wingover's are possible and if the landing surface will allow, touch and go's can be very rewarding.

Another feature that could be improved is to have a steerable tail wheel. This would make take off and ground handling a lot easier.

One tip I have heard of is to replace the prop with an 8X6 APC. The standard prop is a 8.25X5.5, that is very difficult to find. The 8X6 APC does give better performance.

Also check the wheels for a little toe-in. This should help the tracking on take off. I have seen some flyers change the wheels to 2" diameter with good results.

The video below gives a good idea of the performance. 

This model is no longer available!

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