The Parkzone Mustang BL: BNF & RTF.

This Parkzone Mustang is ready to fly and makes an excellent electric model airplane. Available as a completely ready to fly (RTF) or as a BNF.

The North American P-51. The Parkzone P-51D BL

This Parkzone Mustang, as with all Parkzone models, comes ready to fly, right out of the box.

Available as a BNF (Bind and Fly)-this requires a 2.4 Ghz transmitter- or as a RTF (Ready to Fly)- this comes complete with a suitable transmitter.

Construction is Parkzone typical molded foam. A lot of detail is molded in and the paint scheme is very authentic.

No landing gear is provided, so the model must be hand launched and landed on it's belly. This is a compromise, but when you see some of the landing gear provided on some models , I think this is perfectly OK with a model that is primarily intended to be flown in the local park.

With a wing span of 39 inches, this model is of a reasonable size. It comes complete with an outrunner brushless motor, lipo battery and RC battery charger.

The BNF version of this Parkzone Mustang has a receiver built in, that is on the latest 2.4Ghz frequency. This alleviates all the old frequency problems and ensures a solid radio link.

Our affiliate RC hobby shop, Red Rocket Hobbies, has the Spektrum 5 channel transmitter available for less than $60.00. This means you could buy the BNF model and a super 5-channel transmitter for about $40.00 more than the RTF version. This is the way to go!

I also note that it is possible to add a rudder servo for extra control. This could be considered for the extra maneuverability that rudder control brings.

The video below is well worth a look and shows details of the North American P-51 and some excellent flying shots.

Sorry to tell you that this model is no longer available!

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