The RC Giant Scale P-51, by Top Flite

Top Flite's giant scale p-51 is a true ARF RC airplane. See all the main features described with engine and retract options 

This is a beautiful 1/5 full size giant scale p-51, that comes as an ARF RC airplane. Top Flite claim that you can be ready to fly in 25-30 hours. However I would not rush the process and take my time and enjoy the build.

This P-51 Mustang comes covered with Monokote and is of balsa and ply construction. It is also available as an ARC or Almost Ready to Cover version. This enables the builder to finish the model using his favorite method.

I am always surprised how little the price reduction is for this option and I know the Monokote application will be first class and probably better than I could accomplish!

Not many ARF RC airplanes come complete with a 5 " diameter aluminum spinner-but this one does! Flaps are also included and it does come with a fixed landing gear, although I think it would be a pity not to use retracts for WW2 warbirds.

The model is designed to accommodate Robart retracts, which should drop right in to the pockets provided.

A pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wing fillets are included along with a detailed cockpit. These are great features, that are included with the kit.

Top Flite P-51 Giant Scale

Robart Retracts for the Giant Scale P-51

This giant scale P-51 MUST be fitted with retracts! It would be a crying shame to see her flying around with 2 wheels dangling down!

The units from Robart have been available for a long time and have proven their reliability.

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Zenoah G62 Engine (3.8 Cu In)

Zenoah G62 Gasolind Engine (3.78 Cu In)

This is a great choice for a power plant for this P-51 Mustang. Lots of power and very dependable performance plus the cleanliness and low cost of gasoline operation 

  •   One-piece chromed cylinder
  •      Ball-bearing-supported crankshaft
  •      Turns props ranging from 20 x 14 up to 24 x 10 at roughly 7600 rpm
  •      Capable of powering an airplane as big as 40 pounds with authority
  •      Magneto-driven CDI ignition system

Top Flite P-51 Giant scale