Micro RC: The E-Flite UMX Extra 300 3D BNF

The dream of flying micro RC, 3D capable electric model airplanes in a large living room or board room is now possible!

E-Flite UMX Extra 300

The E-Flite UMX Extra 300 is a super lightweight, powerful RC electric plane, that flies slow enough for indoor RC flying in a large living room or boardroom.

Notice from the photograph that the structure is from laser-cut foam, with large lightening holes and the whole thing is covered with an ultra light clear film. (On one side only)

The wing span is 16.8" and the total weight is 1.2oz complete with battery.

This RC airplane is small enough and light enough to fly 3D maneuvers in many indoor spaces! 

The Micro RC E-Flite UMX Extra 300 described

E-Flite UMX Extra 300 and charger

The BNF version comes complete with a DC battery charger and a 3.7V 1S 150mAh lipo battery. The charger comes with 4 dry cell batteries, so it is a 6V DC type charger. Do not connect it to a 12V supply! 

It takes about 15 minutes to charge a battery and flight times should be about 5 minutes.

E-Flite also offer a "Basic" version of this model, that comes without the charger or lipo battery. If you already have these components, then you can save a few dollars with this version.

E-flite UMX Extra 300 receiver

Here we can see the Spektrum AR 6400L Ultra Micro receiver. This is a DSM2 receiver/ESC unit with two built in, long throw RC servos built in to the circuit board, to control the rudder and elevator. Two separate servos are used to actuate the ailerons.

E-Flite UMX Extra 300 landing gear

The wing is braced with carbon fiber rods, that add rigidity to the structure and prevent deflections that are very detrimental to any 3D maneuvers.

E-Flite UMX Extra 300 nose

The powerful RC electric motor is an 8.5mm diameter coreless brushed type.  This micro RC electric model airplane is fully capable of all the 3D RC aerobatics and is great to fly indoors, in some surprising small spaces!

Required to complete:

 The Extra comes completely assembled and just requires charging the battery to be ready to fly. You will need to bind your RC transmitter to the micro RC receiver and a transmitter with dual rates and expo are absolutely needed! It must be DSM2 compatible and of course on the 2,4Ghz frequency.


  • Very lightweight and powerful.
  • Fly 3D RC aerobatics in small areas.
  •  Light weight keeps  damage from bumps with walls and furniture to a minimum.
  • SFGs are included and can be fitted for enhanced rudder authority and to improve knife edge flight. .


Price appears a little high for this type of RC airplane.


It is very difficult to find negative comments about the E-Flite UMX Extra 300 3D BNF. It is definitely NOT a beginner RC plane but for those who love 3D this is one to seriously consider!

There were some comments about warping of the flying surfaces, so try and keep the model in reasonable temperatures and store it in the box that it was shipped in.

Some people commented on the fact that a brushed motor was used, rather than an outrunner brushless motor. All I can say is that there were no negative comments regarding performance!

Flyers also commented on the fact that the Extra was also a lot of fun to fly outdoors on really calm days.

Sorry to say that this model is no longer available.