The RC Fokker Triplane

The  RC Fokker Triplane is described in various sizes, to quarter scale, as well as brief details of the full size machine.

Fokker Triplane flying by

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A brief history of the Triplane

The Fokker DR1 is maybe the most easily recognized World War 1 RC warbird.

Made famous by the "Red Baron" (Manfred von Richthhofen) the Fokker DR1 Triplane saw widespread service in the spring of 1918.

The  British Sopwith Triplane first appeared on the Western Front in February 1917. The Sopwith quickly proved itself better than the Albatros fighters used by Germany, at that time.

Fokker was sufficiently impressed with the performance of the Sopwith that they converted a  prototype biplane fighter into a triplane.

This type was initially known as the V.4 and had a steel tube fuselage and cantilever wings. No wires were used to strengthen the wing structure and this prototype did not use inter plane struts.

The final configuration of the Fokker DR-1 was to utilize the wing struts and Richthofen flew his famous all red version in September of 1917 and shot down 2 enemy aircraft in the next 2 days.

He proclaimed that it was superior to the Sopwith Triplane and recommended that squadrons be re-equipped with it as soon as possible.

The DR-1 was plagued with many problems during it's life but wing failures were to finally end it's service life. A total of 320 aircraft were produced and it was replaced by the Fokker D7 during June and July of 1918.


As usual, I find the Wikipedia page a good general history and description of the type and I suggest you give it a scan.

The Proctor Enterprises Fokker DR-1 Triplane

Procter Fokker Triplane

This example of the VK series of RC aircraft kits, makes into a nice size of RC airplane.

With a wing span of 47" and a weight of 5.25 lbs, this DR-1 is not too big.

Glow RC engines of  .48 to .70 are recommended, although I would prefer to stay on the large end of this range.

VK, the original manufacturers of these WW1 models, started business in 1938 and are now part of Proctor Enterprises. All the VK models available are of World War 1 vintage and all to the same scale of 1/6 full size. ( 2"=1 Ft.)

They utilize Proctor hardware and the Triplane comes complete with a finished ABS radial cowl.

The Arizona Model Aicrafters Fokker Triplanes

Arizona Fokker Triplane

This company can offer RC airplane plans and complete RC aircraft kits, in 2 types, and to scales of  1/12,1/6, 1/4 and 1/3 full size.

They can even build a full size replica, for museum exhibition!

I guess we can say that Arizona Model Aircrafters have the DR-1 well and truly covered!

Give their site a visit for more details.

The Balsa USA RC Fokker Triplanes

Balsa USA Fokker Triplane

This photo shows how the camouflage finish works!

Balsa USA have a quarter scale RC kit, of the RC Fokker Triplane, as well as offering the plans and manual, for those who wish to build that way. 

The kit is complete with pre-formed wire parts and an ABS cowl. A full range of scale details are available, to make your Triplane into a scale masterpiece.

Visit the Balsa USA web site for all the details.

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