The E-Flite Super Cub 25e RC ARF.

The E-Flite Super Cub is a beautiful, electric scale RC plane. ARF airplanes are getting so good and this example is certainly raising the bar of excellence. 

E-Flite Super Cub

For over 50 years, the Piper Super Cub has been a favorite of pilots, all over the world. It has good power, excellent short field take off and landing performance and rugged construction that has made it perfect for rough country flying, glider towing or just plain fun flying. As an RC airplane, the RC Super Cub has been built and flown many times. The forgiving flying characteristics and great scale looks have endeared it to RC pilots everywhere.

Now E-Flite has decided to offer another in the "Platinum" series of scale RC airplanes. Now there are 6 scale RC planes in the series and this one may be the best of a very good bunch!

With a wing span of 68"and a maximum weight of 5 to 5.6lbs, this scale RC plane is ideally suited to flying at the club field rather than in the local park.

The construction is of laser-cut balsa and ply and the superb finish is a covering of UltaCote. I have been applying iron-on covering for as long as it has been available to the RC hobby but I cannot come close to doing as good a job as the E-Flite workers accomplish! 

This is not an RTF Piper Cub (Ready-To-Fly) but a true RC ARF and will take from 10 to 15 hours to complete.

The E-Flite Super Cub Construction Details

E-Flite Super Cub Kit Contents

The photo here, shows the E-Flite Super Cub parts removed from the box.

As you can see, all construction and covering is complete and what is left to finish, can be accomplished in an enjoyable assembly time in the workshop.

Starting at the nose, the 2" diameter spinner shown in the photos, is not included, but is available as an extra, from E-flite. 

E-Flite Super Cub 25E cowl

The fiberglass cowl is finish painted and attached to the fuselage with strong magnets. Panel lines and surface details are molded in.

The scale functional split-folded cockpit door gives access to the interior and a scale cockpit interior is  available.   

E-Flite Super Cub 25e struts

The wing panels plug-in and feature painted aluminum wing struts and corrugated surface detail for the flaps and ailerons.

The landing gear looks super! It is fully functional and shock absorbing and is complimented by the scale like, leaf spring, steerable tail wheel assembly.

The durable Cub wheels are very scale looking and I believe that Horizon should be complimented on supplying such a scale  masterpiece!

E-Flite Super Cub 25e lights

Yet another scale add-on are the landing an navigation LED lights. The necessary conduit is already built-in to the wings.

This looks very cool, when the light is getting low and you are on final approach.

Extra items required:

 To complete this miniature Piper Super Cub you will need to supply a minimum of a 5-channel RC transmitter and receiver,6-mini RC servos, a 60A RC ESC,  a 4s 14,8V 2800-3200mAh lipo battery and a 13x6 or 14x7 electric propeller. 

For the outrunner brushless motor, a 25 size would be adequate but I strongly recommended using a 32 size. This will give the extra power needed for RC aerobatics.


  • Wing Span: 68" (1730mm)
  • Wing Loading: 20.1-22.0 oz/sq.ft.
  • C.G. (Balance Point): 2.75" to 3.00" (70-76mm)back from L.E.(Leading Edge)
  • Motor size: Power 25-32
  • Flying weight: 5.85-6.40 lbs(2.65-2.9kg)
  • Spinner Size: 2"


This video gives a lot of detail of the E-Flite Super Cub plus some good flying shots and is well worth a look!


Unfortunately this model is no longer available