The Chance Vought Corsair 60 w/Retracts ARF by Hangar 9

This Chance Vought Corsair, by Hangar 9 is an ARF RC airplane that assembles fast and makes into a great flying RC airplane.

Chance Vought Corsair 60

Chance Vought Corsair 60 Description:

Constructed of balsa and lite ply, it comes with the 90 degree rotating retracts already installed.

It is covered in UltraCote and the class of the finish is much better than I could achieve!

The flight performance is first class and this Corsair should last a lifetime.

Please note that this is not a beginner RC plane. For a glow powered RC planes for beginners, take a look at this page, The Beginner RC Airplane.

A pre-painted fiberglass cowl is included with the kit.

Kit Contents:

Kit content of Chance Vought Corsair

This photo shows all the components as they come out of the box. You will probably have to heat shrink the UltaCote covering a little, to remove any wrinkles, but is should be possible to make things look like the photo!

Take a look at this video. Made by a flyer in Bradenton, Florida, it does show a great flight performance!

Retract Notes

90 degree rotate retracts

This photo shows the 90 degree rotate retracts. I think it would be great to add Robart struts and landing gear covers to this assembly.

JR 791 High Torque Servo

Please note that the retracts are mechanical in operation and do require a retract servo (1) to actuate.. I strongly recommend the JR 791 High Torque Servo .

This is a metal geared servo that has 260 oz in of torque at 4.8V ( Note that it will NOT operate at 6V) This servo does cost a little more, but in my opinion, it is well worth it!

With all that torque and JR dependability, you will be delighted with your retract installation!

Power Options

Evolution .61NX Glow Engine with Muffler

This photo shows one of the Evolution .61NX Glow Engine with Muffler . This is the lightest and maybe easiest starting 2- stroke engines available for this F4U Corsair.

This redesigned engine incorporates a new combustion chamber design that increases the compression and power of the engine. Its improved combustion chamber design and higher compression ratio result in more power at the same weight as the original.

Along with the internal engineering updates, the .61NX sports a sleek external case. With improved performance and looks, the .61NX will be a great option for modelers looking to power their .60-size airplanes.

Saito 100 FA-AAC with Muffler

If a 4-stroke is a preferred RC engine, for your Chance Vought Corsair, then the Saito 100 FA-AAC with Muffler: QQ is a great choice. It is the engine shown in the Hanger 9 manual.

This engine is a little bigger than a .90 4-stroke, but performs well and the sound of a 4-stroke, in a warbird, is so nice!

Electric Conversion

E-Flite Power 60 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 400Kv

The motor required is an E-Flite Power 60 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 400Kv outrunner brushless motor.

This motor is designed to deliver clean, quiet power to sport and scale RC airplanes, weighing 6 to10 lbs (2.7 to 4.4 Kg.)

It is a perfect match for the Hanger 9 Chance Vought Corsair or any model requiring 1425 watts of power.

Phoenix HV-85

A good quality RC ESC, such as the Phoenix HV-85 is required to work with the motor, lipo battery and the receiver of the RC Chance Vought Corsair.

Capable of handling up to 85 amps of momentary peak current this unit can handle 4,000 watts of power. ( That is equal to 5 HP!)

E-Flite 5000mAh 6-cell/6S 22.2V Pro Power 30C

This photo shows the E-Flite 5000mAh 6-cell/6S 22.2V Pro Power 30C lipo battery. This is ideal for a 60 size Chance Vought Corsair.


  • Capable of maximum continuous discharge rates up to 30C
  • Equipped with balancing leads and a connector that are compatible with most balancers and balancing chargers
  • Equipped with an E-flite EC5 connector on main power leads
  • Ideal for use in 60-size airplanes using Power 60 outrunner, large (90mm or larger) ducted fans for higher power setups, or 600-size helis

Maybe the last thing you may need is a propeller for your outrunner brushless motor. Hangar 9 recommends a Master Airscrew 15x10E.

Please note that this model is no longer available!

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