Of All Beginner RC Airplanes, the Hangar 9 Alpha is by far the Best

Not many beginner RC airplanes are ready to fly right out of the box. The Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer is. Absolutely no building! No foam!

Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer at rest

Here is a 100% built and ready to fly RC trainer airplane.  This super stable high wing design will have you flying in no time!

Not a Drop of Foam Insight

This RC trainer plane is made of laser cut balsa and lite ply and then expertly covered in Ultacote polymer film.  Repairs are inevitable and it is much easier and lighter in this form of construction, than when using the molded foam construction of some of it's competitors.

When repairs are not possible then a wide range of replaceable parts are available at reasonable prices.

Tricycle Gear for Easy Take-Offs of this beginner RC airplane

Close up of nose of the Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer

Take-offs are a delight with a tricycle landing gear. Ground steering is simplified and much like driving an RC car. Compared with the alternate "tail dragger" ( with a steerable tail wheel)  ground loops should be a thing of the past.

Ailerons for Realistic Flight and Simple Progression to Future Airplanes

Wing showing ailerons

Many beginner airplanes do not feature ailerons so when the student progresses to other types of model, he or she must learn to fly all over again, as most RC airplanes use ailerons.

The Alpha uses ailerons so you will learn to turn using them plus just a touch of "up" elevator, to turn the airplane in a safe and realistic way.

Save time and Money on Costly Repairs with Simple Wing Attachment

Hangar 9 Alpha wing bands

Accidents happens and I can tell you the horror you'll feel when you see your  RC airplane 'cartwheel' wing-tip to wing-tip.

As you rush over to check out your pride and joy, heart racing, you'll be happy to see that the flexible wing attachment on the Hanger 9 Alpha trainer saved your plane from serious damage and you'll be thanking the manufacturer for their wisdom in using strong, reliable, and inexpensive #64 rubber bands.

Most other manufacturers bolt on the wings and when the inevitable happens there can be serious damage to the plane and extra time and money from your pocket in rebuilding your model.


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