The RC plane sound system: Mr RC Sound V4 multi engine sound pack

Plug in multi engine sound pack for the RC plane sound system offered by MrRCSound. Full specs, photos and details here. Safe and secure payments through PayPal.

This unit is a small plug-in module, that replaces the standard unit on the V4 circuit board. Gently remove the existing unit and carefully press in the new unit to generate a genuine, realistic multi engine airplane sound.

This photo shows where the pack is located on the V4 circuit board, (See red arrow)

The sounds available are-

  • Allison twin
  • BMW twin
  • Merlin twin
  • Merlin (4 engines)
  • Daimler Benz twin
  •  Wright Cyclone Radial (4 engines)

Also note that various auxiliary sounds are also available on this RC plane sound system via the Servo 2,3 and 4 connections. When connected up each sound is available by using the appropriate switch on the transmitter. These are specific to the sound selected and include gun, cannon and other appropriate sounds.


By pushing the selector button once, you can "step" through the following sound configurations-

Airplane selected

Servo 1

Servo 2

Servo 3

Servo 4


Allison twin Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2


BMWt win Gun 1 Bomb Gun 2


Merlin twin Gun1 "Clear" "Contact"


Merlin (4 engines) Gun 1 Multi bombs Gun 2


Daimler Benz twin

Gun 1 "Clear" Gun 2


Wright Cyclone (4 engines) Gun 1 Multi bombs Gun 2

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Price of complete MrRCSound V4 multi engine sound pack- $22.99 US plus $3.00 US for shipping.

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Customer's comments:

Charles: "It sounds great. I actually maidened it with the sound unit running. When I fly the FW, people land just to hear it fly by.. Really awesome!"

Marko: "The remaiden of my FMS Corsair - now equipped with your sound system. On the ground I noticed a little lack of bass-frequency, but once in the air it was - WOW! Very low flown high speed-passes are amazing and giving full throttle after a long steeply dive is turning heads ;-) I love it and can't wait for tomorrow to fly that thing again!"

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