RC Airplane Plans of a 1/4 scale Curtiss P-6E Hawk

Are you looking for RC airplane plans of a good looking, different and colorful warbird? Easy building and flying. 

Photo is from the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

About the full size P-6E Hawk

Curtiss hawks started out in 1925 with the P-1.There were 8 different P-6 models produced, but the P-6E remains the most famous. Initially known as the Y1P-22, the U.S. Army Air Corps renamed it P-6E.

Curtiss delivered a total of 46 P-6E Hawks, the last biplane fighter built in quantity for the Air Corps.

The only original  P-6E still in existence, as shown in the photo above, is in the colors of the airplane flown by Capt. Ross G. Hoyt, Commanding Officer of the 17th Pursuit Squadron, Ist Pursuit Group, based at Selfridge Field, Michigan in 1933.The aircraft was donated by Edward S. Perkins of Anniston, Ala., to the National Museum of the USAF. The Department of Aviation Technology at Purdue University restored it in 1963.


The RC Model of the P-6E Hawk

It certainly is a BIG biplane! At 1/4 scale the wing span is 94.5" and the finished weight should be 28 to 30 lbs. A 50 cc ZDZ RC gas engine was used in my model.

The ZDZ 50cc.gasoline engine sits upright in the nose and features a scale, 24 exhaust stack muffler, built to order by Bisson Muffler.

The RC airplane plans are CAD drawn and the outline is as accurate as I can make it. All the ribs are in scale position and the wings feature plug in tubes, so transportation is simplified.

Latest News on the Curtiss Hawk P-6E

The Hawk has flown! My flying buddy, Herb Chutter,  flew the hawk at the Bay City Flyers field. The first flight was very good, with no major problems. Although Herb said his knees have only just stopped shaking!

The balance point was OK and Herb has made a few changes to the wing incidence and engine thrust line. These changes have been incorporated into the RC airplane plans.

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Herb has just passed away. He will be really missed by all his friends and flying buddies.

P-6E Hawk 1/4 full size modelHerb and I before the first flight (Herb on the right)
Curtiss P-6E HawkAwaiting the maiden flight
Away she goes!
The first landing-well done Herb
Close-up of the cowl. You can see the scale exhaust stacks.
In the workshop, getting ready for the first flight.

Herb is now the owner of the Curtiss Hawk and flies her on a regular basis. Herb and the Hawk recently won the Pilot's Choice Award at the Fighter Town Military Fly-in, organized by the Bay City Flyers.

As for the RC airplane plans- I am up to 7 large sheets so far and still drawing. I have made a few changes to make the scale outline more accurate and simplified some structural details. All parts are shown full size and some of the plan sheets are intended to be pasted direct to balsa and ply sheets. This should make it simpler for you to make your own kit or make it easier for a kit cutter to produce the parts.

Ordering Information for the P-6E Hawk RC Airplane Plans

  • Price of the Curtiss P-6E Hawk Plans-  $55.00 USD. (9 CAD drawn sheets)
  • If you order through this site, you will receive an e-mail order receipt from PayPal.
  • Shipping and handling of plans for orders within the United States APO- air mail rolled in a tube- $12.50 USD.
  • Orders to Canada-Air mail and rolled in a tube- $20.00 USD.
  • Overseas orders- Air mail and rolled in a tube-  $28.00 USD
  • If you have any questions. please Contact Us.
Price of 9 CAD drawn sheets of the 1/4 scale Curtiss P-6E Hawk - $55.00 US plus shipping cost. 

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Cad designed RC Airplane Plans

This give you an idea of what these RC airplane plans look like. Each of the 9 sheets (Apart from the last one) is 36 in. wide and a minimum of 72 in. long

Plans: PDF Format

The plans are now available in PDF format. You can buy using PayPal and print the plans locally.

Note that a set is 9 pages, each one 36"(914.4mm) wide X 75"(1905mm)long approximately. All parts are shown full size and on separate sheets that can be cut-out and pasted to balsa and or ply for cutting out.(Or you can buy the set of laser cut parts-I did this and found they are of excellent quality and certainly saved a LOT of time!)

Price for the 9 sheets of the 1/4 scale P-6E Hawk, in PDF format, is $55.00USD e-mailed to you.

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Laser Cut Parts

  • We now can supply a set of laser cut parts for the 1/4 scale Curtiss P-6E Hawk
  • Price of the set is $250.00 USD .
  • If you order through this site, you will receive an e-mail order receipt from PayPal.
  • This set is a "short kit" of a large scale model aircraft and includes all the balsa and ply parts, laser cut to shape but no sheet or strip balsa is included.
  • Note that no hardware is supplied.
  • Parts are supplied by Bob  Holman Plans- the premium RC airplane laser cutter in the U.S.
  • If you have any questions. please Contact Us.

Laser Cut Parts Description

All materials are first class quality and laser cut parts are retained in the sheets for shipping protection. There is a total of 315 balsa, ply and lite-ply parts contained within the following sheets-

  • 1/8" x 6" x 36" Balsa- 12 sheets
  • 1/8" x 4" x 36" Balsa-3 sheets
  • 1/16" x 6" x 36" Balsa-1 sheet
  • 1/8" x 12" x 36" Lite-Ply- 1 sheet
  • 1/8" x 10" x 24" Lite-Ply- 2 sheets
  • 1/8" x 12" x 24" Lite-Ply-2 sheets
  • 1/8" x 12" x 36" Lite-Ply 2 sheets
  • 1/16" x 4" x 13" Birch Ply-1 sheet
  • 1/8" x 4" x 8" Birch Ply-1 sheet 
  • 1/4" x 12" x 24" Birch Ply-2 sheets

Price of the Laser Cut Parts for the 1/4 Scale RC P-6E Hawk=$250.00USD plus Shipping & Handling Costs

Shipping Options
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Extra Items Needed as well as Laser Cut Parts

Balsa,Ply & Spruce

  • 3/8" x 3/8" x 36" Balsa strip-12 required
  • 1/8" x 4" x 36" Balsa sheet-24 required
  • 1/2" x 1/8" x 36" Balsa strip-10 required
  • 1/4" x 1/4 " x 36" Balsa strip-28 required
  • 3/8" x 4" x 36" Balsa sheet -2 required
  • 1/2" x 4" x 36" Balsa sheet-5 required
  • 1/16" x 4" x 36" Balsa sheet-8 required
  • 1/4" x 1/4" x 36" Balsa triangle strip-6 required
  • 3/8" x 3/8" x 36" Balsa trianle strip-3 required
  • 1/4" x 1/4" x 36" Spruce-12 required
  • 1/16" x 12" x 48" Birch Ply-1 required
  • 3/8" x 1/4" x 24" Basswood-6 required

Hardware Required

For your convenience, we have added this Amazon AStore that lists the major items. Check the quantities required in the above list.

For more details of the Hawk, this page includes free PDF drawings of the special hardware and a drawing of the scale muffler.

Click here or on the photo to visit the page.

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