RC Battery Chargers for NiMH, Ni-cd batteries and the Lipo Battery

How to select RC Battery Chargers for every application. The ideal RC charger for NiCd, Liipo, NiMH and even Pb batteries!.

RC Battery Chargers

The charger shown in the above photo is probably one of the most versatile chargers available. This unit is the Great Planes Electrifly Triton 2 EQ AC/DC RC charger. It can charge almost any type of battery you own or are likely to own in the future. If you are flying electric RC airplanes, you will need to charge a wide range of lipo batteries and also need to ensure the cells within the battery are balanced.

This lipo battery charger will also charge ni-cd batteries, nimh batteries and even the 12 volt field box battery.

The input to the unit is either 12 volt DC or 110 volt AC, so you can charge from your car or from a mains outlet.

RC Battery Chargers: The Sirius Charge Pro Series (Plus)

RC Battery Chargers. The Sirius Charge Pro Plus

As a complete contrast to the Triton described above, here is the Sirius Charge Pro Plus. This battery charger will only charge NiCd or NiMH batteries. There is NO programming required. Just plug in your receiver and transmitter radio control batteries and let the unit do it's thing!

The RC batteries are conditioned and fast charged. When the RC battery is finished it's cycle, a green light flashes and you are OK to fly.

I have used this RC charger for many years and have found it to be extremely reliable. If there are any problems the red lights will warn you and you can then investigate and find the source of the problem or maybe it could be time to replace those RC airplane batteries!

This unit is truly plug and play. It automatically senses the batteries being charged and adjusts itself to suit. Please note that only NiCd or NiMH batteries can be charged.