The Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51. BNF and RTF.

This P-51,with a wing span of 15.8" and an all up weight of 1.22oz, is the smallest, flying Mustang available!

RC Mustang. The Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51D Mustang

 This mini P-51 Mustang has many of the features of much larger models,.It is intended for flying indoors at the local gym or flying outdoors, on dead calm days,

It has 4-fully proportional channels, including the rudder. The tail wheel is steerable and the fixed landing gear enables you to taxi and take-off.

As with all Parkzone models, it comes completely assembled and ready to fly. A 3.7V 120 mAh 14C lipo battery is included, along with a Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSW2 receiver. A DC fast charger is also in the box.

As mentioned above, the model comes either as a BNF (You supply the transmitter) or as a RTF ( Ready To Fly) that includes a 4-channel RC transmitter.

Please note that either version comes with a 2.4GHz radio, thus removing my objections to the old radio system shipped with the larger  BF model!

This video shows two of these models flying together-looks like a load of fun!

Video of the Ultra Micro P-51


This photo shows all the components that are in the box of the RTF version. Note the 4-channel, 2.4Ghz transmitter, the battery charger and the batteries.

The Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51

I came across this review and included it here, to show how excellent after sales service works. Sometimes things can go wrong but as long as it is corrected quickly and with courtesy, then the difficulty is soon forgotten and the good service is all you remember.

Ailerons Wouldn't Work Consistently February 17, 2010
Reviewer: Ryan from Blaine, WA United States 
The first RTF I received - the ailerons would freeze up. I returned it and quickly received a complete replacement RTF. The second plane wouldn't bind and maintain signal, the entire plane this time kept freezing up. I think I was cursed. So, they sent me a replacement transmitter and finally - all is well. The bottom line is Redrocket and Horizon Hobby/Parkzone all stood by their product and in the end made everything work - no questions or objections! Their customer support is the best and the P-51 is fantastic!! My friends can't believe how well it flies. 1-11-10, Updated 2-17-10