A Genuine Micro RC Plane: The Plantraco Carbon Butterfly

This micro RC plane, makes this dream of indoor RC flying, in your living room, a practical reality! 

Plantraco Carbon Butterfly

The framework of this mini-marvel is carbon fiber rods and the covering is a super light clear film. Because of its very light weight, it is difficult to sustain any serious damage when bumping into furniture and/or walls. 

Now you can sit in your favorite armchair and fly around the living room. The larger the area, the better and you can fly outdoors when there is a dead calm but with a total weight of 3.6 grams, you can understand that the slightest breeze will be a challenge for this micro RC plane.

This photo shows the carrying case that the Carbon butterfly arrives in. Use the case to store the Butterfly in-and keep in a reasonable temperature stable spot. The framework is quite delicate and can warp when exposed to temperature extremes.

You will notice the RC transmitter. This is the HFX900 4 channel unit, that has 6 user selectable frequencies. It has a built-in lipo battery charger and is connectable to the FMS Flight Simulator ( Available separately). The unit operates on the 900Mhz ISM band in the USA or the 869Mhz in the EU. One item that is not included are the 4 "AA' dry cells required for operation.

Also included are the 30 mAh Lipo battery(0.9grams), instructional videos and a manual.

Carbon Butterfly Micro RC Plane  construction details

Motor and Gearbox

Carbon Butterfly motor and gearbox

Here we can see the 5:1 gearbox and motor assembly, complete with a carbon fiber propeller.

Rudder Actuator

Carbon butterfly rudder

The rudder actuator also acts as the rudder hinge and the whole assembly weighs a grand total of 0.22grams!

The carbon butterfly micro RC plane is a 2-channel RC airplane and note that both channels are fully proportional.


Carbon Butterfly receiver

The worlds lightest RC receiver at 0.38grams, is what Plantraco claim. It also must include the RC ESC and does have audible tones and LED indicators that give status reports. It also features a low voltage cutoff. 

Notice the two brass circles at the top of the circuit board. These are magnets that the lipo battery attaches to. A simple idea but watch out that the battery does not fall off, in a crash or hard landing! It can be hard to find and I suggest painting it with a red dab of nail polish, to make it more visible.


This video shows indoor RC flying, in the living room! 


  • Really able to fly in your own living room
  • Small enough and slow enough to fly from your arm chair
  •  Comes complete with a nice aluminum carry case.
  •  Everything required in one box.
  • No assembly needed-just charge and fly.


Magnetically held-on battery can get lost easily, especially when flown outdoors.

For more details, visit the manufacturers web site, by clicking here

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