A Micro RC Airplane: The Plantraco Micro Supermarine Spitfire

This micro RC Airplane is a 1/72 scale flying model Spitfire, that comes complete with a 2-channel RC system. 

Plantraco Micro Spitfire

This Photo gives a good idea of the size of this scale RC airplane. The printed finish is very nice and even includes a pilot!   

The markings are of a Spitfire MK XVI of the Canadian 421 Squadron (Red Indian Squadron)

This all foam scale RC plane can be flown in surprisingly small spaces and the technology would have been impossible or very expensive, just a few years ago!

With a total weight of 2.7grams and a wing span of 6", the flying abilities are incredible. The powerful RC electric motor and the low weight are the secrets to the Spitfire's success.

Although indoor RC flying is a blast, the Spitfire can be flown outdoors, as long as the wind is non-existent.

Plantraco Spitfire box

The shipping box keeps the RC Spitfire in good condition during transportation and should be used to store the model, in between flying sessions. The foam surfaces can warp, so please keep the Spitfire in a reasonably stable temperature environment.

Plantraco Spitfire motor

This is no Rolls Royce Merlin! It is a 4mm diameter coreless motor, that is directly coupled to the 32mm diameter prop. This makes for a quiet and powerful system. 

Plantraco receiver

This photo shows the Plantraco RC receiver. They claim it is the smallest in the World and they may well be right! It weighs 0.38grams (0.013oz!) and gives fully proportional control to this micro RC plane. You can see the two brass colored circles, at the top of the circuit board. These are two tiny polarized magnets, that hold the 20 mAh lipo battery in position.

Plantraco transmitter

The 4-channel HFX 900 RC transmitter has 6, user selectable, frequencies on  the 900Mhz ISM band (USA) or the 868 Mhz band in the E.U.There is a built-in lipo battery charger and it is connectable to the FMS flight simulator  (Available separately) Note that this unit does require 4 "AA"cells, that are not included.


  • A scale RC WW2 warbird, at 1/72 scale, with a 6"wing span.
  • Light weight means little damage from crashes.
  •  Scale color scheme
  •  Long time a dream, now a reality!
  • Transmitter can be used with other Plantranco models.


  • Magnetically held on battery, can get lost easily-paint with bright red paint!
  • A little on the expensive side - it is not a toy but a real hobby standard flyer.
  • Profile fuselage, it would be great to have a full 3D design (Another dream!)

This video has some excellent flying shots. A 6"wing span scale model is hard to see! I am not sure I like the music soundtrack, but as an ex Brit, I do enjoy the speech by Sir Winston!


Items included in the RTF Version of this micro RC airplane

  • The Micro RC Airplane: The Supermarine Spitfire.
  • All component installed, trimmed and tested.
  •  0.38 gram micro9 2-channelreceiver (Throttle and rudder)
  •  4mm coreless RC electric motor.
  • Matching 32mm DD Propeller.
  • 0.07gram NanoAct Actuator.
  • Strong paperboard box for storage and transportation.
  • HFX900 RC Transmitter.
  • 20mAh PL20 Bahoma battery.

The Ready to Fly Plantranco Microflight Micro Spitfire is in stock.

Clicking on the above button will take you directly to the Plantraco site, where you will find more info. and can buy. Please note that we offer this as a service to our customers and we receive no commission.

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