The E-Flite UMX Gee Bee R2 BNF Scale RC Airplane.

This 1930's air racer, the Gee Bee R2, by E-Flite, is an exciting micro RC airplane , that flies like a dream, with the AS3X electronic control system.

The Gee Bee R2

The R2 was built by the Granville Brothers in 1932, to race in the Bendix cross country race. The original was destroyed in late 1933. The Gee Bee racers were notorious for crashing and many pilots lost there lives flying them. They were basically a powerful radial engine, with wings attached.

A replica was built by Delmar Benjamin and Steve Wolf, which first flew in 1991. This copy became famous at air shows and was remarkably aerobatic. It has now been retired and is on display at the Fantasy of Flight Air Museum in Polk City Florida.

Model Description:

E-Flite have built this micro RC airplane version of the R2 and incorporated the latest electronic gyro system, the AS3X, into the model. This makes a difficult to fly, scale RC airplane into a relative pussy cat!

The AS3X system, was developed from the technology used in the E-Flite Blade series of RC helicopters. This system makes a scale RC airplane stable and even less susceptible to wind gusts and yet highly maneuverable when commanded to be so.

This micro RC airplane can be flown in your own backyard or indoor RC flying, in a school gym, is also a possibility.

The Gee Bee R2

This is a 4-channel model, with a steerable tail wheel, that makes take-offs and landing from the patio or driveway a real pleasure!

As can be seen in the photo at right, the R2 comes complete, even with scale details, like flying wires and wheel pants. Construction is from injection molded foam, which is light and durable. It can be easily repaired , with foam safe CA or epoxy.

The Gee Bee R2.

The cowl splits on the center line, to give access to the outrunner brushless motor and to change the lipo battery. The top- half of the cowl is retained by magnets, so there are no tiny screws to loose in the long grass!

The battery is a 2S 200mAh lipo.

The E-Flite UMX.

Here we can see the cowl in place and also the dummy radial engine. The scale decals can also be seen and the pilot bust is there, in the clear canopy.

I find it incredible, that E-Flite can offer this scale RC airplane- the AS3X system is the only reason why this model will be flyable by the average pilot. Please, if you have not flown before, do not use the Gee Bee as your first RC airplane. Try a true beginner RC airplane, such as the models described here.

The E-Flite UMX Gee Bee.

This photo gives a nice view of the wing, showing the molded in wing ribs and the flying wires. The scale red and white paint scheme is very nicely done as well as the black outlined numbers.

The Gee Bee R2

The wheel pants are scale and look very good. Notice also the flying wires. the pants could be a problem, if the grass you are flying from, is too long.

Better if takes-offs and landings can be performed from a hard surface.

E-Flite UMX Gee Bee Kit Contents:

  • Completely finished and assembled Gee Bee R2, with the AS3X System, for smooth handling and pleasant flying characteristics.
  • 6-channel receiver/servo/ESC unit, with AS3X System.
  •  E-flite 200mAh 2S Li-Po battery.
  •  Balance DC charger.

Extra Components Required:

Any 4 channel DSM2 or DSMX, 2.4 Ghz RC transmitter. No special programming is required, as the AS3X System has been set for the Gee Bee R2, at the factory.

Flying Impressions:

A look at the video, shows very smooth flight and impressive, low level RC aerobatics.


  • Scale outline and great detail for a micro RC airplane.
  • The AS3X System, makes this little scale RC airplane fly like a large scale RC airplane!
  • Can easily be flown in a park or your own backyard. if you have the space!


Price is a little on the high side.

Unfortunately this model is no longer available