The E-Flite Staggerwing 480 ARF

The E-Flite Staggerwing extends the range of ARF electric RC airplanes offered by Horizon Hobby, with this colorful, military edition of the Beechcraft Staggerwing.

The E-flite Beechcraft Staggerwing RC scale model,flying towards camera.

The E-Flite Staggerwing is modeled after the  Beechcraft Staggerwing, a classic, from the golden age of aviation. Designed by Walter Beech, it first flew in 1932, right in the middle of the Great Depression. It's purpose was to provide luxury transportation for executives, just like today's corporate jets. With a speed of 200MPH and a range of 800 miles it was a great success!

Many examples are still flying today and this version is a reproduction of a US Navy version, that transported Navy brass around in WW2.

Horizon Hobbie's E-Flite division are now offering this RC ARF in a 480 size, for flying at the club field or the local park.

Constructed from molded Z-foam, it should prove to be durable and long lasting. As is usual, minor repairs can be accomplished with foam safe CA or epoxy and spare parts will be readily available.

The E-Flite Staggerwing

The E-Flite Staggerwing Details

As with most ARF RC planes, the Staggerwing is completely finished, in component form and does need installation of the electrical gear and final assembly. As can be seen in the photo at left, the injection molded parts are factory painted and scale model airplane decals have been applied.

Carbon rod spars are molded-in to the upper and lower wings, adding the strength and rigidity required for scale RC airplane aerobatics!

This scale RC plane has a lot of details molded in. Notice the simulated wing and tail ribs and the pre-painted wing struts. Stringers are also seen on the rear fuselage.

The E-Flite Staggerwing

The cowl is complete with a nice, simulated radial engine, along with a scale, 2-piece, snap-together spinner and a 10x8e propeller. 

With a wing span of 35" and a maximum weight of 25.7oz, the E-Flite Staggerwing is very capable of scale RC aerobatics. Nice big loops, stall turns and aileron rolls are well within it's capabilities.

The E-Flite Staggerwing

The flaps and ailerons require 2-micro RC servos total, for operation and the rudder is an option, so you can fly this Beechcraft Staggerwing with a 4-channel radio and just 3-servos. However, when I tell you, that E-Flite have developed a new set of air powered micro-retracts then I hope you will add them, as well as the rudder, which would make this a 6-channel model and would then require 5-servos.

E-Flite Staggerwing tail

Here we can see the rudder and the steerable tail wheel, Adding the rudder servo will also give much better ground handling and taxiing and also make it possible to perform wing-overs, one of my favorite maneuvers!

Note also the effective rib simulation and scale decals.

The E-Flite Micro-Pneumatic retracts

The optional Micro-Pneumatic retracts, have been developed by E-Flite, especially for the Staggerwing. The model does come with fixed landing gear, but this baby definitely looks SO GOOD with the wheels tucked-up! They are manufactured from high quality aluminum and have a low profile that allows installation in restricted spaces.

Everything required for installation is included (Except for an air pump). A servo is required for actuation.

The E-Flite Staggerwing cockpit

The top-hatch gives access to the detailed interior. Note the seats and interior walls! I Ido think that a pilot is required to occupy one of the seats, but I suppose we can't have everything!

Note also that the cockpit glazing is in place and looks fine.

The E-Flite Staggerwing servos

There is a magnetic hatch, on the bottom of the fuselage for installation of the servos. There is also a hatch for the battery.


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