RC Airplane  Clubs

Joining one of the many RC Airplane clubs available can offer many benefits.

RC Airplane Clubs offer many advatages to it's members

RC Airplane Clubs-How to Locate a Club Near you.

If you live close to a large city, then the chances are there are a few clubs to choose from. The first thing to do is to visit your local hobby shop and ask for details of any local RC airplane clubs. If you live in North America then I can be of further assistance in your search. All clubs belong to a national association.

In Canada the association is named the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada or MAAC.

In the USA the National Body is the Academy of Model Aeronautics or AMA.

Most national associations offer liability insurance. This is essential to have to protect you from potential claims. Remember that even the smallest or lightest rc airplane can cause a lot of damage and/or injury! The associations will also have a list of all associated clubs, usually listed by City.

If you have a choice then I would suggest you visit their flying fields and take a good look. Of course there are many points to consider, but a superb flying field can make your decision easy!

The Benefits of Club Membership.

Once you are a member, then the benefits are all yours! If you are a beginner then your new club will have a training program that you should take advantage of.

I would suggest that you delay your purchases of radio gear and/or rc airplanes until after you join a club. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your selections with other members and find out the local preferences and likes and dislikes.

If you have any questions on almost any aspect of the hobby then I am sure you will find someone in the club who has the necessary experience to help you out.

I personally belong to TWO clubs. Both offer excellent flying sites and great members. I really appreciate the members who devote their time and efforts to make the club run smoothly. From the guys who cut the grass and maintain the flying field to the members of the board (usually annually elected by the membership) My hat is off to you! Please remember these individuals and help them out whenever you can.

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