The JU87 Stuka by BH Models.

The BH Models JU87 Stuka, is a 1.20 size ARF RC airplane, that flies well and is remarkably detailed.

Overall view of an RC Stuka

The Stuka is one of the most easily recognized airplanes of world war two.

This version by Black Horse Models, represents a Stuka that operated in Austria in 1943.

RC engines of 1.20 capacity are recommended and details are included for the use of an outrunner brushless motor.

The construction is of lite ply and balsa with a printed film covering. This covering includes the panel lines and other scale markings that really make this model stand out!

I prefer this method of construction as it is much easier to repair after any accidents.

The wing panels come with the flaps and ailerons installed and hinged. This feature will save a good bit of time. It should be noted that each flap and aileron requires a separate servo to operate.

The pilot, rear gunner and the "greenhouse" canopy are detail painted and installed. More time saving features are the finished molded wheel fairings and a bright yellow cowling.

Two wing drop tanks and a bomb are finished and painted and do require assembly to the RC Stuka.

Videos of the JU87 Stuka

The first film shows a glow powered model. The flight shots ate a bit shaky, but this is still worth looking at.


This second video is selected because it shows an electric version of the RC Stuka and has some nice flying shots.


Construction Details.

This photo shows the underside of the fuselage, with the wing and hatch removed. You can see the typical  ARF RC airplane construction of laser cut lite ply and note that the rudder and elevator pushrods are installed for you!

The manual is well written and will take you through the assembly process, step by step. The ju87 Stuka is intended for intermediate pilots who should have had some experience with flying a low wing model.

The sharp taper wings, with little area at the tip, means that the speed must be kept up, to avoid the dreaded tip stall.

View inside fuselage, showing structure and pushrods
View of the Stuka cowl

The fiberglass cowl is finish painted, as shown here. It must be cut and trimmed to clear the RC engine used and, of course, the muffler. Allow at least 1/8" clearance from all hot surfaces and cut a little at a time. A Dremel tool is ideal for this kind of work but do proceed SLOWLY!

The engine and/or muffler and the cowl have to be removed and added back a zillion times before the fit-up is good. Be patient and measure twice and cut once!

The characteristic landing gear features molded and finish painted fairings, that enclose the spring loaded oleo struts. The tail wheel also is fully spring loaded and steerable, to make ground handling a pleasure.

There are a total of 14 pre-painted , formed parts that need to be trimmed and glued into position on this ju87 Stuka. All parts are of excellent quality and fit well. After about 10 hours of very pleasurable assembly time the Stuka should be ready for that first flight.

Assembly time at the field should take no longer than 10 minutes.

It is always a good idea, to take a look at the manual, to give you a good idea, as to what to expect.

Flying the BH Models ju87 Stuka.

The JU87 needs a little right rudder to counteract torque and keep heading straight down the runway. After about 50-75 feet, she is ready to break ground.

Keep the power on during the landing approach and fly the RC Stuka all the way down to a feather soft landing on those oleo struts. Remember those small wing tips!- Do not fly too slow, especially during the landing!

All the typical scale aerobatics can be easily accomplished with this model. Loops, rolls, wingovers and low and high speed passes all look great!

This scale RC airplane is a great introduction to RC warbids and the intermediate flyer will really enjoy it.

Flying the BH Models RC Stuka

Unfortunately, the Stuka is no longer available. Keep looking here for info if it becomes available again.

There is a slightly smaller, all foam version available from FMS. Click here or on the Amazon logo for more details

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